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The 88 Day Visa Extension

Leah Osborne
Dec 5, 2022

Let’s imagine you’re in Australia on a Working Holiday visa, halfway through your travels and thinking…

I still haven’t been to Byron Bay yet!

The following information will explain how to extend your Visa with the 88 day rule, and how Work in Australia can help you reach Byron and beyond…

Australia is big, trust us:) And it’s hard to see all the things that are on your “Aussie Bucket List” in a short space of time. But have no fear, we can help you extend your Visa, no worries!

To extend your visa, you must engage in paid work for 88 days in Regional Australia to qualify for the second (or third) year extension.

Once you’ve completed your 88 days of specified work in Regional Australia, you can apply for your second/third year Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa.

This can take up to 6 weeks to process, so you’re strongly advised to submit your application at least 28 days before your first-year visa expires.

The work falls into six categories:

  • tourism and hospitality in regional Australia
  • plant or animal cultivation in northern Australia and other specified regional areas
  • tree farming and felling in northern Australia
  • fishing and pearling in northern Australia
  • construction in northern Australia and other specified regional areas
  • Paid and volunteer disaster recovery work

How we can help

Work in Australia has jobs ready for those wishing to extend their visa, we even have a specific package called The 88 created especially for this situation.

Another one of our packages The Passport, provides multiple jobs throughout your stay in Australia.

This is best described as the Travel Further Travel Longer‘ package, where you work, travel, play, then when you want to work again, let us know and we’ll provide another job for you! All stress free!

Both packages sort out all the important stuff before you leave home like a Bank Account, Tax File Number, Medicare number, an Australian Phone Sim Card, and the most important thing, they can extend your time Down Under for another year!

If you want to find out more about the types of jobs we provide and their locations, get in touch with the Work in Australia team here.

For up-to-date information, the visa granting authority is the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, please refer to their website:

Leah Osborne
December 2, 2022