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Travel information

Small step for Man,
giant leap for a young Traveler

Hello Young Padawan! There is much to learn in Life but let’s start with getting you up to speed about Work & Travel Australia.

You will find all kind of Work & Travel info on this page. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the guaranteed job process works?
What is a White Card?
What is a Working With Children Check?
How to Work & Travel your way across Australia?
What kind of jobs are there?
Is there a maximum working period?
Is there a minimum working period?
Can I get professional jobs?
What do I need to do to get work?
What are job certificates?
How to get a job certificate?
What is a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate (RSA)?
What is a Responsible Conduct of Gambling certificate?
Which types of Working Holiday Visa Australia are there?
How long can I stay with a Working Holiday Visa?
When does the Working Holiday Visa start?
Does the working holiday visa start from the day I apply?
What are the costs of an Australian Working Holiday Visa?
How to apply for Working Holiday Visa?
Am I eligible for a Working Holiday visa?
Which countries are eligible for Working Holiday Visa 417?
Which countries are eligible for Working Holiday Visa 462?
What are the Requirements for a working Holiday Visa 417?
What are the Requirements for a Working Holiday visa 462?
What is the difference between Working Holiday visa 417 and 462?
How long will it take to get my Working Holiday visa 417 approved?
How long will it take to get my Working Holiday visa 462 approved?
How much salary will I get in Australia?
How much can I earn in Australia per month?
Can I earn more than the minimum wage?
What is a tax file number?
What is superannuation?
How to start Superannuation?
What are the covid vaccination requirements for Australia?
Do I need any vaccinations for Australia?
How long does my passport needs to be valid?
Are covid requirements applicable when doing a lay-over?
Do I need a Visa for stop-overs?
Do you offer flights to Australia?
What is the flight duration to Australia?
How much money do I need to go to Australia?
What is Medicare Health care arrangement?
Which countries are eligible for Medicare?
Do I need to book Travel insurance?
How to book Travel insurance?
Should I cancel my health insurance in my own country?
How to book arrival accommodation?
Can I book more nights accommodation?
Can I upgrade my stay to a Hotel?
How can I get longer term accommodation?
What are the cost for accommodation?
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