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Farm Au-Pair jobs in Queensland


Get 5 days farm induction course and guaranteed Au-Pair jobs!

Dedicated package
Farm work
Accommodation included
English level:
Advanced (C1/C2)
40 Hours
3-6 Months
88-Day Non-applicable
88-Day applicable
About the company

Get the Ultimate outback experience in Queensland, Australia.

This package will provide you with full arrival support including transfer and accommodation for 8 nights. You will get 5 days farm induction and skills training course. After this you will get guaranteed farm Au-Pair jobs of your choice!

Australian farms are small self-sufficient communities that vary in size from small families to 20 or more people. They need help in all sorts of ways in the home and on the farm.

If you have good childcare or cooking skills, have a full driving licence and are keen toget involved with all parts of life on an Australian Farm, then you are in the rightplace.

The programme is designed to be fun and to prepare you to be a useful member of your employer's team, giving a unique opportunity to experience and be part of rural and outback australian working life.

Live the outback dream and get guaranteed Au-Pair farm jobs, sign off on your 88-days while working and pretty much have the best outback experience you can get.

About the venue

The 5-day farm training takes place on a farm location near Brisbane in Queensland. The guaranteed Au-Pair jobs are available on farms in and around Queensland.

What you need to do

Your work could include domestic tasks, looking after animals and pets, cooking, shopping, school runs, childcare, helping with homework, teaching & tutoring.

You can also start helping with the day-to-day farming work, such as cattle, sheep, horses, crops, infrastructure and more.

You usually get a choice of 2-3 job opportunities and we will confirm the details of your employer during the Au-Pair Farm induction course.

Work is normally for 3-6 months, with holidays, and after the job you are able to travel and explore Australia.

You can come back for a 2nd or 3rd Au-Pair or even to a direct Farm job.

What they expect

Farm work gives an opportunity to be part of Australian country and outback life living and working closely day to day with Australian Farmers. ​You will need to be motivated, willing to learn and apply yourself and able to cope with some challenges. ​

Farmers are looking for responsible workers who are willing to apply themselves, get involved, work hard and learn fast. ​You do not need previous skill or relevant experience, but it helps

Essential skills:

  • Good spoken English
  • Driving licence (manual vehicles)
  • A positive attitude, strong work ethic &enthusiasm for learning and making yourself useful

Desired skills / experience:

  • Driving, riding of dirt bike, quad bike, tractors and other off road vehicles
  • Animal care and livestock handling, including horse care and horse riding
  • Practical skills such as welding, carpentry, painting and decorating
  • Workshop skills such as welding and mechanics
  • Family and childcare skills such as cooking, nanny, au-pair and tutoring
Terms of employment
  • Working hours are 32 - 40+ hours per week
  • Available 7 days a week with days off
  • Valid working Holiday Visa
  • Valid Driving license (manual)
What the pay is like

Farm Au-pair are by far the best paying Au-pair jobs in Australia!

  • You will get $26.46 per hour casual (ie. no holiday pay or sick leave)
  • In most cases it's including accommodation and food
  • Weekly wages range between $800 - $1000
How to get there

You will fly into Brisbane after which you will be taken care of with:

  • Welcome at Brisbane Airport, plus arrival and set up for work service
  • 3 to 4 days of Brisbane life to recover from jetlag and acclimatise
  • 4 days farm induction and skills training course
  • All food and accommodation included during training
  • Return to Brisbane for up to 3 nights
  • Arrangement of travel to your host/employer farm.
  • Full support during your time in Australia
About accommodation

Up to 10 nights of accommodation is included into the Au-Pair Farm package which applies to this job.

Once you have selected an Au-Pair job you will have accommodation and food included in almost all cases.

About the area

It’s big, it’s diverse and it’s welcoming, with local characters ready to have a yarn, crack a cold one and show you what the outback spirit is all about. From the Gold Coast to the Great Barrier Reef to rain forrest and the outback - Queensland has a slice of paradise to suit every traveller.

Home to more than 1,000 ecosystem types and five World Heritage-listed sites, there’s something altogether magical about the beauty of Queensland. Here, islands of white sand dot aqua waters in the Whitsundays, colourful coral bursts to life with fish and turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, and lush green canopies dance in the sun in the Daintree Rainforest.

You’ll find there’s no shortage of unforgettable experiences awaiting you on a journey to Queensland and the outback of Australia.

Why you don't want to miss this opportunity!
  • Experience the Australian outback at it's best with no Worries
  • Get a pre-vetted Au-Pair farm job quickly after your 4 days of farm training
  • Full Au-pair farm job support with 3 guaranteed Au-Pair jobs
  • Join a fun group of people and make friends instantly
  • Get your 88-days signed off when you arrive in Australia so you can request your 2nd year working holiday extension
  • You love being outdoors and want to work hard
  • You want take in all the beauty of the Australian outback
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