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Jonathan from France

Worked as a Kitchen hand in Melbourne

"A great adventure, super easy to arrange and I love Australia!"

Your experience with Work in Australia agency?

I love it! I have experience working in kitchens and wanted to do this in Australia to get more work experience, enjoy living in other country and to improve my english. They organised everything for me! I really love my job in Melbourne and am thankful that they helped me to get to Australia so smoothly.

How you are experiencing working in Australia?

Work has been great! It's a really nice restaurant, my colleagues are great and am learning a lot each day.

What you do in your time off?

I explore Melbourne, meet up with new friends and just relax after work.

How do you like the Australians and their culture?

They are really nice! even if my english is sometimes not perfect they take the time to have a chat and are really fun people to be around.

Your most memorable moment sofar?

There are too many.. :)

I love everything about Melbourne and just being here is a memorable moment.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going to Australia?

I can really recommend going with Work in Australia. They are super helpful, they get everything arranged so you don't have to think about what you need to do but just follow them. It really feels great to have it all arranged so you can just think about the fun things.