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Simon from Italy

Works in Sydney at School daycare

"Work in Australia agency has helped me great to come to Australia and get me a job"

Your experience with Work in Australia agency?

Work in Australia agency has been a great help to come to Australia and have a job before I left home. Even before I booked a flight, the recruiters were always there for me and helped me when I had insecurities.

When I arrived inSydney Mark met me at the airport and drove me to the hotel where I could stay for 2 nights. Afterwards he organized me a stay in a hostel. Then it was my turn to organize my stays. I stayed in another hostel and after two weeks I moved in a shared house.

Whenever I have questions about work or anything else I can call the Sydney office and would help me.  

How are you experiencing working in Australia?

Australia offers a lot of work possibilities. After you apply you will have a trial and after that the employers let know if you are good to go.

The salary is higher than in Europe and there are less taxes. On the other hand, life is more expensive because the groceries and rents cost more. You will have to manage your expenses and save some money for travelling.

I started work at school care job, which I really love. A few weeks ago, I also started doing UberEats food delivery with an e-bike. I enjoy the combination of these jobs because I am my own boss and I ride my bicycle outside and the fresh air.

What you do in your time off?

In my time off I go to the beach, in the gym, in the city or in bars. I am learning how to surf. I started to take more pictures with the camera and search photography spots. I am enjoying meeting my friends too.

How do you like the Australians and their culture?

I like them and it is always nice having a chat with them. It seems to me thatAustralians are much more openminded than the people where I come from.

I am enjoying theChristmas decorations although they look a bit strange. The reason it that in my hometown is winter at the moment and we have much snow. So, I am used to goto Christmas markets and see the decorations in the cold and snowy winter.

What is your most memorable moment so far?

My most memorable moment is my first-time surfing. It was about three months ago. I hired a surfboard and a wetsuit. I just was with my friends which started surfing too. By now I took only one surf lesson, and I am looking forward to having more.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going to Australia?

I highly recommend you going to Australia! You will make many experiences that you are going to remember your whole life. You will meet many new people and make friends too.

By speaking inEnglish, you are going to learn the language and get better. You will notice much progress.

Sometimes you will face hard times. In these situations, you can develop your personality. Even if you are having difficult periods do not forget, after every “low” in life will come a “high”.

Being far away from home will not always be easy. By being in Australia you will enjoy your home and appreciate the time you are your family and friends even more when you are back home.