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Alessandra from Italy

Works in Sydney at Events centre

"I really love ‘work in Australia’ all the people that work in this agency are super helpful!"

Your experience with Work in Australia agency?

I really love ‘work in Australia’, all the people that work in this agency are super helpful, whenever I had a problem with documents or even a general one they solve it or at least always try to!

It’s nice to know that I can rely on them for my stay in Australia.

How you are experiencing working in Australia?

Working in Australia is really good, the pay is high and generally the people you work with are kind. The good part is that you can work for a while and then travel if you want, here they are really comprehensive with people with working holiday visas.

What you do in your time off?

Time off for me can be lots of things, going to the beaches, doing sports, visiting something new, movies and exhibitions. Here in Sydney there are a lots of things you can do every day, in hostels people are easy to meet and you can always find someone to hang out with if you want. I prefer hang out with local people cause they know the best spots for everything :)

How do you like the Australians and their culture?

Aussie people that I have met till now are really generous, and friendly, the culture sometimes could be hard to fit in. The slang not always easy to understand but I definitely love the way that they are easygoing and you can literally speak to everyone. For the majority of time I feel to meet lots of open minded people, and free from judgment, which is very important for me.

Your most memorable moment so far?

I think the best moments for me are the one with people that I met, I just love little moments, and if I have to be little deep here in Australia I have the feeling that things could change every minute, a new possibility is always around the corner, maybe a new person to met, a new place to visit.

I think the best moment is just this feeling of everything could literally happen

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going to Australia?

Is not always easy, sometimes being far from home is difficult, and you should be prepared, and it’s okay if sometimes you feel down, but is worth it. Especially if you want to discover new things and also discover new parts of you as well. My personal advice would be: be ready and open to change your mind :)