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Titouan from France

Works in Sydney at event centre

"The calls with Work in Australia Team were helping and reassuring, the team is very nice!"

Your experience with Work in Australia agency?

The calls with Work in Australia Team were helping and reassuring. The team is very nice, I had a great welcome thanks to Mark and Alice! I really appreciate the help you given to me when I had questions.

How you are experiencing working in Australia?

I started work at an Event centre in Sydney CBD. I really liked this job but after a while I went looking for another job. I gave my CV to different restaurants and shops and I got a new job.

What you do in your time off?

For now I don’t really have a lot of time off because I’m planning to travel but when I have, I hang out with friends or plan my next trip.

How do you like the Australians and their culture?

I like it! But I think I have a lot more to discover about the Australian culture during my trip because Sydney is an international city and I didn’t meet a lot of Aussie people for now, mostly people from all over the world witch is of course also really nice!

Your most memorable moment so far?

The hikes, either in the blues mountains or around Sydney

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going to Australia?

At the moment I can almost only speak about Sydney but I would recommend for sure. It's a really nice city with a lot of international and young people. It is easy to find a job and save money to travel.